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List of projects updated. New list of publications

April 19th, 2011

We updated the list of our projects.

By selecting “Projects” from the top menu, please find more info about

  • InFlex: Real-time simulation of flexible objects in virtual environments
  • TraCell: Interactive ray tracing for eye surgery simulation and design review
  • basho: A flexible software framework for interactive environments, used by most of our projects
  • PixelStrom: A hardware pixel combiner and software for parallel rendering
  • Silva: A system to simulate and visualize large vegetated areas
  • GrIP: An extensible framework for screen space post-processing of interactive graphics
  • Volt: A fast, GPU based volume renderer
  • Image-based Tracking: Markerless tracking

We have added a new list of publications which includes abstracts and images, bibtex sources and pdfs.

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